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    Ultraframe Partition System

    LAGYP™ Ultraframe Partition components deliver high performance partition systems for acoustic and fire rated systems, wet areas, and specialty partition applications like in cinemas. Please refer to the LAGYP™ Technical Manual for full range of LAGYP™ Partition specifications.

    All the components of the LAGYP™ Ultraframe Partition System is made from high quality cold rolled steel with galvanization of 120g/sqm in accordance with IS 277:2003 galvanized steel sheets (plain and corrugated) specification to prevent rusting.
    LAGYP™ Ultraframe Partition System is specially engineered to allow high level of performance across a broad range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. This system provides a pre engineered solution to the assembly of non load bearing interior partitions.

    LAGYP™ Ultraframe Partition System provides one of the safest and most efficient solutions for building standard partitions as well as partitions that require technical properties such as:
    Fire rating up to 4 hours
    Acoustic insulation up to an Rw of 72 db
    Partitions up to 12m height


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