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  • Corner for Cornice, Ceiling Flowers etc..
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    LAGYP™ presents an Easy Ceiling System which is a unique combination of EasyFrame and EasyBoard. It is an ideal system for commercial and residential ceilings which along with high aesthetics offers a robust system at economical rates compared to conventional ceilings. EasyFrame and EasyBoard are useful to ensure safety, strength, high quality and fast installation for ceilings.

    LAGYP™ EasyFrame is a new high quality metal system best used with gypsum ceiling. Manufactured by Boral, stronger as compared to conventional ceilings and provides desired result in extreme conditions.

    Benefits of using LAGYP™ Easy Ceiling System
    • Saves metal (uses only two channels)
    • Easy and fast installation
    • Cost Effective (value for money)
    • Easy & Safe to use

    Uses : High quality metal system to install Gypsum Board

    *For best results and affordable ceilings use LAGYP™ EasyBoard with LAGYP™ EasyFrame.
    Easy Connector + Easy X Connector
    Easy X Connector (2)
    Easy Connector (1)
    • Branded accessories for easy, fast and designer applications.
    • Clear message (brand, manufacturing details & etc)  present on channel to identify and inspect.
    • Special design provides unique profile and strength to the channel.
    • Uses only 2 channels, Easy Section and Metal Angle.
    (No more stock worries)
    • Made from first grade cold rolled steel, 120 gms/m2 Zinc (Zn) coating, ensures consistency, premium and quality products.Specialities0.4 mm.36 mm.14.5 mm.


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