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  • Gyp Board False Ceiling Sheets
  • Gyp Board Framing Section, Cornice
  • Corner for Cornice, Ceiling Flowers etc..
  • Grid Ceiling Section & Grid Tiles
  • Thermocool False Ceiling

    Metal Systems

    LAGYP™ Ultraframe metal systems are self manufactured by LBGI to ensure consistency in quality and efficiently designed systems, further to help save time, reduce wastage and achieve higher levels of aesthetic possibilities.

    The LAGYP™ Ultraframe metal systems are for those who prefer quality and safety. They are strong, reliable and durable. Provided to serve and add value to the specification driven market, they offer load safety, rust resistance, aesthetics, low wastage, faster installation than traditional systems and thus high value for money.

    These specially designed accessories are ideal whenever there is a need for sophisticated and intricate designs such as step ceilings, curves and cove lightings.

    The Ultraframe metal systems also provide a complete range of technical systems for requirements such as sound rated partitions, fire rated partitions etc.

    These specially engineered systems by LAGYP™ have been appreciated by Architects, Contractors and Installers since it was launched in India for being complete integral systems, easy to use, faster to install and cost efficient


    Boral Ceiling Tiles
    Vinyl Touch
    Texture Touch
    Colour Touch
    Acoustic Touch
    Paper Touch
    Boral Metal Systems
    Ultraframe Concealed System
    Ultraframe Closed Concealed
    Ultraframe Partitioning System
    Ultraframe Wall Lining System
    Ultraframe Exposed Grid
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